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101 Software Access

$596.00 / year

In this program you’ll gain access to massive annual software discounts and training to all the required software for Seeking Unemployment 101. Essentially making your Seeking Unemployment membership free with what you’ll save.

  • Property Edge Pro – Your hub to accessing endless property leads. Normally $1,200/year. Our students get it for $600/year when subscribed to Seeking Unemployment.
  • REI Stream – Pro level CRM designed specifically for real estate investors, by real estate investors. *Currently under development!
  • Zilculator – Pro level deal analyzer with fast and easy property brochure for selling investment properties.
  • Roor – Text message campaign hub. Texting has the highest response rate of any marketing platform, we show you how to use it.
  • Woodpecker – Bot enabled email hub gets past email filters to give you extremely high email open rates.
  • Private facebook group for Seeking Unemployment – How you access help as a student to our full 101 program.