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We're elated to have you on the show!

Congrats! You’ll be a guest on the Seeking Unemployment YouTube channel. You’ve been hand picked as a leader in the real estate investing community and I’m sure the audience will gain a huge benefit from you being on the show (no pressure)!

The most important thing to remember is that this is a relaxed conversation between two investors talking about the real estate investment world.

Technical issues: We use Google Meet for our video chat/podcast show. To make that work, all you need to do is have a google account and click on the link in your calendar event or email when it’s time for the show. Are you comfortable with that?

Schedule your time slot

If you haven’t scheduled your time slot yet, please do so below or with the following button:

Let's get you set up for our Google Meet video call



  • 1. Click one of these download links:


  • 2. Download and open the app
  • 3. Sign into or create your Google account
  • 4. Click on the meeting in your app, in your Gcal or in your email.

Now that you’re signed in, test your connection by going to settings, then audio and video and make sure your device is using your camera and can hear your microphone. You’ll know if it’s working if you can see your camera feed and the audio test button works. If you’re having any other technical difficulties, this is the best place to go:

Google Meet Help page

Let's get you looking as good as possible.

Keep in mind, you’re the most important part about this. If any of these technical media issues bog you down, skip them, let’s just make sure the feed is working and make this happen.


Having nice lighting is more important than having a nice camera. Here’s a great lighting tip:

Find an open window without direct sunlight hitting your face and sit near it. Somewhere between a 45 to 90 degree angle to the window is ideal. I created this lighting diagram to illustrate my suggestion.


It’s always best to use the best camera we have. For most of us, this will be the order from best to worst quality:

1. Cell Phone

Please rotate your camera horizontally.

2. Webcam

A dedicated webcam you plug into your USB port.

3. Laptop

Most laptop cameras leave a lot to be desired.


You should be all set to go. I’m looking forward to our scheduled call! 

If you have any issues, just call me on my cell phone: (435) 776-5865

Or with the email fields below: