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The “Quick Look” page allows you to quickly get a feel for the deal to see if it’s worth looking deeper into. You tell it how much profit you need in the deal, and it let’s you know if you have a good chance of clearing that profit margin.

The “Comps” page gives you your ARV (After Repair Value) on the subject property. Simply enter your comp data and it gives you how much the subject property will be worth after the renovation. 

The “Deal Analyzer” page dives deeper to get the most accurate numbers possible once you’re in the due diligence period.

The “BRRRR Calculator” page automatically takes almost all the values from other pages and gives you an analysis on the property as a BRRRR investment. Ultimately this tells you how much money you’ll be able to take out or leave in the property after a refi. Basically how much money out of pocket the deal will actually cost you.

Our Coaches

- 11 Years of full time investing experience.
- Over 100,000 students taught.
- Involved in thousands of real estate transactions appraised at hundreds of millions of dollars.
- Single family, Multi family, Commercial, Acquisitions and Development.

...and For those who want to take your real estate investing career farther...

Dive into our real estate investment education system where we teach step by step lessons on successful real estate investing.
Even if you don't have money to start with.

Each bullet point below is a separate video lesson.
Complete with downloadable documents and tools.

▴ Investment Education Foundation

  • Your investor transformation
  • Understanding all the courses.
  • How to get hep if you get stuck.
  • Getting to know your coaches.
  • Other passive income options to consider.
  • Real estate investor vocabulary.
  • Realistic goal setting.
  • Partnering on big deals, big mistakes to avoid.
  • Choosing the best investment strategy for you.

Wholesaling Overview

  • What’s wholesaling and what should you expect from this section?
  • Wholesale transaction timeline.
  • Mitigating wholesale risks.
  • The 5 most common questions we get.
  • The ethics of wholesaling.
  • Find thousands of cash buyers at the click of a button.
  • Use facebook groups to quickly find many active cash buyers in any market.
  • Use Craigslist to get active cash buyers to start calling you.

  • Screening your cash buyers.
  • Property Edge Pro, the key to a never ending lead list.
  • Scrubbing your leads list.
  • Build out your automated text message campaign for an impressive response rate.
  • Don’t lose deals by properly managing your property lead list.
  • Turn your everyday drive time into profitable time.
  • Quick and accurate deal analysis.
  • Sales success formula.
  • Meet the seller.
  • Creative seller solutions.
  • Transaction totals sheet
  • The numbers method sales script.
  • The efficiency method sales script.
  • Wholesaling sales structures.
  • What to charge for your wholesale fee.
  • Know when to double close or assign your deal.
  • Avoid begging realtors for favors by pulling comps directly from PEP yourself.
  • Quickly and easily create a property brochure with Zilculator.
  • Create a text campaign to quickly sell your property to a cash buyer.
  • Wholesaling sales structures.
  • What to charge for your wholesale fee.
  • Sell to cash buyers for free through Craigslist.
  • Use facebook marketplace to quickly and easily sell your property for free.
  • How to close on a property the right way.
  • How to protect yourself if the cash buyer backs out at the last second.
  • Filling out your purchase and sale agreement.
  • Wholesaling wrap up.

▴ Rehabs Overview

  • Rehabbing intro.
  • Rehab overview transaction timeline.
  • Rehab construction timeline.
  • Mitigating rehab risks.
  • Finding flips with Facebook.
  • How to work with wholesalers as a rehabber.
  • Learning your home market.

  • Using Zilculator to make analyzing deals quick and easy.
  • Find a realtor to get you comps to get the most accurate ARV.
  • Calculate the buying, financing, holding, and selling costs.
  • Use Property Edge Pro to make calculating rehab costs easy.
  • Using the 70% rule to determine your max allowable offer.
  • The construction workflow on a typical rehab.
  • How to quickly do a rough rehab estimate.
  • Your rehab plan is critical to a smooth rehab.
  • Which components should you upgrade?
  • Finding good contractors.
  • Why licensed, bonded and insured matters.
  • Managing contractors and their paperwork.
  • Find a good realtor to list your property.
  • How to navigate the contract.
  • Rehab wrap up.
  • The scope of work, your key to getting your lender to also fund your renovation costs.
  • Hard Money Loans, your keystone to investment funding.
  • Gap funding, the final step to pay nothing out of pocket for your investments.
  • Funding Fast-track Program, anxious about funding? We’ll get you bankable.

▴ Rentals Overview

  • Rentals, the key to true financial freedom.
  • What does a rental transaction timeline look like?
  • Rental risks and how to avoid them.
  • Identifying cash flow vs. appreciation markets.
  • 4 Ways to get long term financing plus the pros and cons of each.
  • Leveraged vs. unleveraged investments.

  • Rental market analysis.
  • Rental property analysis.
  • Rental rate comps.
  • Due diligence questions.
  • The BRRRR method.
  • Find great rental properties.
  • Find a good property manager.
  • Rental wrap up.
  • Where to go from here.

▴ Software to Automate and Speed Up Your Growth

  • Software overview.
  • Property Edge Pro intro.
  • Access Property Edge Pro at a massive discount.

  • Property Edge Pro tools and strategies.
  • REI Stream intro.
  • Access your REI Stream student discount.
  • REI Stream tutorial.
  • REI Stream conclusion.
  • Zilculator student sign up.
  • Zilculator tutorial.

▴ How To Use the Deal Analyzer

  • Download the file.
  • Deal Analyzer quick look tab.
  • Deal Analyzer deal information tab.
  • Deal Analyzer BRRRR tab.

Don't take our word for it

Loving it so far, thanks guys! I'm not done yet but I especially like the attention to the marketing side of things, I can really easily visualize how all the pieces fit together which gives me confidence that I'll be able to make all this work really well for me once I start putting everything into practice.
After diving into everything, I'm really impressed. I've bought into similar programs that cost 10X as much and everything was like watching a textbook. I really appreciate learning everything from the real world point of view you guys bring.

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