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Real Estate Deal Analyzer Tool

Find out fast if it's a dream or a dud.

Moving fast in real estate is critical to getting the deal. Especially when real estate deals can be very complicated, sometimes with hundreds of variables. So we’ve made it a breeze to analyze a deal in minutes with our deal analyzer tool. 

What's included?

  • Excel/Google Sheets file that you’ll be able to add the deal details into and get a quick and accurate yes or no on moving forward with a real estate investment.
  • Video walkthroughs on how to use the file.

Course Curriculum

How To Use the Deal Analyzer
This will walk you through how to use our deal analyzer tool.

  • Download the file.
  • Deal Analyzer quick look tab.
  • Deal Analyzer deal information tab.
  • Deal Analyzer BRRRR tab.

Mike Oborn

Mike has coached 100's of investment students 1 on 1, in every state, and done thousands of deals. He's currently working on a $100,000,000 development deal.

Mikes' Instructor Page

Mike Pugliese

Mike has taught over 100,000 investor students in seminars, and is an expert in Wholesaling, Rehabs, and Rentals. He often acquires over 15 properties every month.

Mikes' Instructor Page

Michael Whiteside

Mike has loved coaching 1,000's of investment students for over 10 years. He's added millions to his partnership, is a registered real estate agent and a general contractor.

Michaels' Instructor Page

Shane Harder

Teaching the power and freedom of investing is Shane's greatest passion. With a background in marketing, he's run campaigns for Nike, Chase, Discover, ADT and many more.

Shanes' Instructor Page