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101 Wholesaling

Your Investing Cornerstone

What's in the course?

In our wholesaling 101 course you’ll learn what wholesaling is and why it’s an amazing investment strategy. Hint, it’s because you take on almost no risk with almost no money but you get to buy and sell the rights to the property to make fantastic profits.

You’ll learn how you can do a wholesale deal yourself with these topics and many more:

  • How to recognize and avoid wholesaling risks.
  • How to find and build a massive cash buyers list to sell to in a very short amount of time.
  • You’ll learn how to build a few simple marketing funnels that deliver a consistent stream of seemingly endless property leads.
  • You’ll learn how to tackle sales even as an introvert.
  • We’ll show you how to build a selling funnel to quickly offload your property to a cash buyer.
  • You’ll gain the software and tools to make all of this relatively easy.
  • We’ll show you how to safely close on a deal.
  • You’ll learn how to do all of this above board so you never run into legal issues. 

Course Curriculum

Wholesaling overview
What to expect from the wholesaling course

  • What is wholesaling and what should you expect from this section?
  • What does the entire transaction timeline look like for a wholesale deal?
  • Mitigating wholesale risks.
  • The 5 most common questions we get after 10 years and 100,000 students.
  • The ethics of Wholesaling and it’s importance to your business.

Easily build a cash buyers list

Building Funnels to Deliver a Consistent Stream of off Market Properties

Turn Sales Into Solutions
Great sales is simply finding great solutions for people. This section covers finding out their needs, and delivering on them.

Create a Selling Funnel to Quickly Offload your Property Inventory

How to Close on a Deal the Right Way

Mike Pugliese

Mike has taught over 100,000 investor students in seminars, and is an expert in Wholesaling, Rehabs, and Rentals. He often acquires over 15 properties every month.

Mikes' Instructor Page

Shane Harder

Teaching the power and freedom of investing is Shane's greatest passion. With a background in marketing, he's run campaigns for Nike, Chase, Discover, ADT and many more.

Shanes' Instructor Page

Mike Oborn

Mike has coached 100's of investment students 1 on 1, in every state, and done thousands of deals. He's currently working on a $100,000,000 development deal.

Mikes' Instructor Page

Michael Whiteside

Mike has loved coaching 1,000's of investment students for over 10 years. He's added millions to his partnership, is a registered real estate agent and a general contractor.

Michaels' Instructor Page