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Leverage pro level software for a competitive investment advantage

In this course you’ll gain access and training to all the required software for Seeking Unemployment 101. Some even have massive discounts exclusive for students. You can access the download links through the resources page or the video overview section below each specific video.

What's included?

  • Property Edge Pro – The key to identifying and marketing to property owners most likely to sell at a discount.
  • REI Stream – Client Relationship Management software designed specifically for investors from the ground up that’s proven to increase the number of deals they can close.
  • Zliculator – Web based software to quickly analyze deals and create property brochures.
  • ROOR – Automated text message campaign software.
  • Docusign – Industry standard software for sending and signing documents.

Course Curriculum

Software to Automate and Speed Up Your Growth
This will review the software we use in our program.

  • Software overview.

Property Edge Pro
Learn how to access and use Property Edge Pro

REI Stream
REI Stream is the first ever CRM designed from the ground up specifically for real estate investors.


Mike Oborn

Mike has coached 100's of investment students in every state, and done thousands of deals. He's currently working on a $100,000,000 development deal.

Mike's Author Page

Mike Pugliese

Mike has taught over 100,000 investor students, and is an expert in Wholesaling, Rehabs, and Rentals. He often acquires over 15 properties every month.

Mike's Author Page

Shane Harder

Teaching the power of investing is Shane's greatest passion. With a background in marketing, he's run campaigns for Nike, Chase, Discover, ADT and many more.

Shane's Instructor Page

Michael Whiteside

Mike has loved coaching investment students for over 10 years. He's added millions to his partnership and manages rehabs like a boss.

Michaels' Instructor Page