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101 Investing Foundation

Begin the Fastrack to your first deal

Begin your journey here with a strong foundation for free!

Our 101 course has been calculated to deliver the most efficient path to doing your first real estate deal. We cut out the non essential steps and show you the most critical step by step path we follow to buy around 15 – 20 houses every month. We’ll help you pick the best investment path given your current situation. And from that you’ll dive into our step by step courses:

  • Wholesaling – We’ll show you how we’ve been able to buy properties at a significant discount below market value, then turnaround and sell that contract for big profits.
  • Rehabs – We’ll show you our step by step path to the rehab process.
  • Rentals – We’ll paint the path to passive income, the goal of most investors.
  • Software – We’ll give you access to massive discounts on the software we use.

Coaching– In addition to the online courses, we give you access to our private facebook group and live coaching calls where we coach students through handling their specific issues.

Below you’ll find all the lessons in this course. We’ve made this course free so you can test drive our program and get a small taste of the tip of the iceberg when compared to the full course. Welcome and enjoy!


Course Curriculum

The first steps on your investing path
Here you'll start learning general information about real estate investing that applies to all forms of investing.

Shane Harder

Teaching the power and freedom of investing is Shane's greatest passion. With a background in marketing, he's run campaigns for Nike, Chase, Discover, ADT and many more.

Shanes' Instructor Page

Mike Pugliese

Mike has taught over 100,000 investor students in seminars, and is an expert in Wholesaling, Rehabs, and Rentals. He often acquires over 15 properties every month.

Mikes' Instructor Page

Michael Whiteside

Mike has loved coaching 1,000's of investment students for over 10 years. He's added millions to his partnership, is a registered real estate agent and a general contractor.

Michaels' Instructor Page

Mike Oborn

Mike has coached 100's of investment students 1 on 1, in every state, and done thousands of deals. He's currently working on a $100,000,000 development deal.

Mikes' Instructor Page